History of the Fort Saskatchewan Amateur Radio Club


A number of prospective radio amateurs attended classes near Fort Saskatchewan at the Community Hall at Josephburg, Alberta from October 29, 1986 to April 8, 1987. Bernie Vos, VE6BRM, travelled from Sherwood Park each week to instruct the class. A number of people successfully passed the exams, and soon formed the nucleus around which a strong radio club was formed.

The Fort Saskatchewan and District Amateur Radio Club was conceived in the fall of 1987 following a conversation between Larry Carlson, VE6LGC and Percy Henkelman, VE6PRH. On September 20, 1988 Percy contacted the manager of the Roadhouse Restaurant on the outskirts of Fort Saskatchewan to see if the group could meet for Saturday mornings. That was the start of the Saturday morning coffee and the group grew to include Larry Langston VE6LLL, Maurice Maa VE6MAA, Calvin Westman VE6CWW, Bob Stonehouse VE6RLS, Neil Brown VE6TCK, George Pinnell VE6UR, and Roy Ellis VE6XC.

This facility grew a bit crowded so the venue for the meetings was moved to a downtown location, courtesy of the town of Fort Saskatchewan. As the club grew it was decided to organize formally with a slate of officers and become a nonprofit organization.

History compliments of Percy Henkelman VE6PRH SK

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